Re-imagine Collaboration with TeamRoom from MSB Docs

What is TeamRoom?

TeamRoom is a team-based feature designed by MSB Docs to facilitate a group of users to plan, track, and collaborate in a central, consolidated view.

This allows multiple users to come together in real-time or work offline to draft, view, share, and sign documents, helping businesses to deliver faster and making it easier for everyone.


How it Transforms the Traditional way of Enacting Document Transactions?


Carrying out document transaction traditionally creates costly overhead, hinder the process efficiency and pose potentially serious liabilities. To eliminate this, MSB’s TeamRoom revolutionizes the traditional way to enact document transaction with multiple parties involved in the process. It adds value by facilitating seamless collaboration on documents that are being transacted within a team.

What does it bring to the table?

TeamRoom has a room for all! Here are the key highlights of what you can do using MSB Docs TeamRoom

User Access Control

According to the roles assigned as per hierarchy, TeamRoom limits the actions an individual user can perform.

Self-sign Document

All members in the TeamRoom can self-sign a document whenever they are ready irrespective of the time and place.

Lock/ Freeze A Document

Editor and Admin can lock document temporarily and make it unavailable for any further editing unless they unlock it. A locked document will display a ‘Lock’ icon next to it.

In-person Electronic and Digital Signatures

MSB’s TeamRoom dramatically improves efficiency and productivity by providing support for both self-sign and in-person signing.

Document Versioning

TeamRoom provides a detailed audit trail of the action preformed onto the document by people and systems.

TeamRoom Use Cases


In-Person Training & Attendance

While conducting in-person training, organizations are expected to follow a training & feedback process along with proper documentation. MSB’s TeamRoom enables these organizations to create, manage, and record all training documents; and collect signatures through a single, collaborative dashboard.


Team Collaboration

Collaborating with distributed workforce increases turnaround time and turns out to be ineffective for restricted document access control. TeamRoom brings in a comprehensive way that offers access control in a shared working space and digital signatures with added security and verifiability.


Version Control

Organizations need to maintain, track and manage historical records in a pre-defined sequence to be audit-ready and track progress. With TeamRoom, one can mark a document transaction complete and restrict the collaborators to make further unauthorized changes onto the document.

TeamRoom Roles & AdministrativeControls

  • Self-sign document(s) in the TeamRoom
  • Send signature request reminders to TeamRoom members

Can do everything a Signer can do, plus:

  • Create ePaks from TeamRoom documents

Can do everything a Submitter can do, plus:

  • Check-in and Check-out documents for offline editing
  • Lock and Unlock documents
  • Delete documents
  • Fill in any document acrofields
  • Based on policy, place allowed tags in a single go, e.g., place and sign in the same step

Can do everything an editor can do, plus:

  • Add/Remove members
  • Edit user roles
  • Manually complete a document
  • Modify TeamRoom settings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, as TeamRoom feature is highly customizable, one can get the account customized in a way in which multiple TeamRooms can be set up.

Yes, every document transaction in the TeamRoom keeps up with the required regulatory compliance and security.

Yes, one can organize the TeamRoom using Labels. Labels are tags that can be applied to the TeamRoom documents in order to organize and categorize them the way you want them to be grouped.

Yes, TeamRoom is highly customizable and can fit precise use cases.

One can perform many actions on the documents, such as preview, sign, upload a new version, download, compose ePak, delete, lock/unlock, complete, and notify members.


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