MSB Docs for Legal

Accelerate legal procedures with secure and compliant eSignatures. MSB Docs allows legal groups and law firms to simplify eSignature workflows, enhance customer experience, and reduce contract turnaround times — all while staying protected and compliant.

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Faster Turnaround Time


Higher Completion Rates


Reduced Costs

lined Document Workflows for Legal Professionals

Fast-track your legal agreement lifecycles

Accelerate legal agreement processes by allowing your customers to fill in and sign documents using their computers or smartphones.

Enhance the customer experience

Fascinate your clients with a user-friendly eSignature experience by assisting them with every step of the signing process.

Keep legal information secure

MSB Docs abides by the ESIGN act, which safeguards your legal information with advanced file encryption, two-factor verification, and a court-admissible Audit Trail.

Reduce legal agreement preparation times

Develop reusable design templates to minimise time spent preparing typical legal documents such as NDAs, contracts, agreements, and more.

Increase team productivity

Create teams to collaborate on legal files with your associates in real-time to accomplish your customers’ eSignature requirements promptly.

Improve administration and suitability

Get total exposure to the signing procedure. Track the status of any document with document history.

Preserve security & compliance for legal information

Assure that your files are signed, shared, and saved with several levels of security.

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Preserve-security-compliance-for-legal-information Preserve-security-compliance-for-legal-information

Eliminate onboarding bottlenecks

Retain & Onboard clients instantly

Whole new customer onboarding processes can be completed conveniently using the client’s mobile phone. Collect retainers, documents, eSignatures, ID, and payments in real-time, without the obligation for faxing, overnight mails, waiting for emails or in-person meetings.


Speed-up contract completion

Share & simultaneously view your agreements

Share, view, and eSign agreements in real-time wherever your clients are, reducing managing time from weeks to minutes while dropping the back and forth in between legal teams and customers.


Digital completion cloud

The end-to-end customer journey resolved

Welcome to the digital completion cloud, where your clients simply tap and swipe through each action, and the entire thing is carried out in minutes, not days. No frustration for them. More business for you.


Elevate the bar with MSB Docs

Accomplish more with the systems you already rely on

The MSB Docs system of agreement platform makes it possible for legal firms of all sizes to outdo customer expectations by speeding-up contract turnaround time and minimize expenses through eSignatures, while guaranteeing document protection and privacy.

Maximize client-facing legal processes with automated workflows

Develop no-code workflows conveniently with eSignatures to improve every step of the client’s journey for full completion.

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Integrate MSB Docs into your business environment and sync seamlessly

Let clients complete eSignatures directly from your mobile application, IVR, LOS, CRM, website, or call centre system, and with real-time sync, your back-end remains flawlessly upgraded, phasing out rework.

Choose a better solution for your company

Authorize, deliver, track, & store records or files anytime, from anywhere.

MSB Docs eSignature FAQs

Under UETA and the E-SIGN Act, documents completed online with electronic signatures not exempted or omitted are legally binding. They have the same legal standing as paper documents completed by hand.

MSB Docs’ modern technology is designed to resolve the needs of an enforceable eSignature stated by UETA and the E-SIGN Act. Each of these acts augments the legitimacy of several types of electronic contracts. According to E-SIGN, for instance, an agreement “might not be refuted legal effect, credibility, or enforceability exclusively because an electronic signature or electronic document was used in its formation

Yes, eSignatures stand in all states and are granted the same legal status as handwritten signatures under state regulations. ESignatures bring the same weight and legal effectiveness as handwritten signatures and paper records in various other developed nations.

MSB Docs guarantees your documents are legal and enforceable like law jurisdictions. All records are electronically secured with industry-standard technology that shows the eSignature is binding. The document has not been damaged or tampered with, considering that it was downloaded from MSB Docs.

E-SIGN Act is specified as the eSignatures worldwide and nationwide Commerce Act is a U.S federal law that was passed in the year 2000, which made it possible to use digital documents and signatures for businesses transactions. The demonstration primarily encourages organisations to welcome a consistent eSignature handle over each of the 50states, affirming that records cannot be declined by a law court singularly on the foundation that they were marked electronically. It is the obligation of the company to meet the demands of the E-SIGN Act for validating information and signers.