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Make Enrolments A Lot More Effective For Both Students & Educators.

Sign education and learning forms & records, collect multiple eSignatures, and process strategies and application forms, all under one roof.

Evolve the student, parent, and staff experience

Deliver agreements and contracts electronically while enjoying the cost-saving performance



Numerous workspaces within MSB Docs enable institutions & colleges to effectively develop, manage, and categorise error-free contracts by department and district.



Embed MSB Docs forms on a website to record details for business-critical documents like enrolment, internet access authorisation, parent-teacher manuals, and much more.



Get in touch with students, parents, and faculty regardless of their location with hassle-free, secure, and lawfully binding eSignatures that even an amateur can use.

Benefits We Bring to Your Business

Collect eSignatures Much Faster

Establish a personalized signing order, include functions & duties, and monitor every student’s eSignature in real-time.


Work On-The-Go

Sign forms and requests on the go making use of MSB Docs’ iOS or Android application.

Publish Fillable Forms

Streamline the registration verification procedure by publishing your forms on your institution’s website.


Keep Student Documents Protected

Offer extra security for your students with MSB Docs’ two-factor verification.

Work in Teams

Invite your coworkers to team up in a group to sign and share timesheets and records much faster.


Develop reusable design templates

Create an endless variety of design templates for your forms and reuse them as many times as required.


Complete in minutes what used to take days

Activate educational programs quicker than ever by creating a mass of personalized documents in a snap. Then quickly send them in bulk to parents, faculty, or other workers or members.


Embrace paperless productivity

Replace your fax machine, filing cabinet, and scanner with a solitary tool. Successfully store & develop professional, error-free records in a snap with MSB Docs’ pre-designed templates. MSB Docs’ easy-to-use UI makes it possible that any individual can pick up quickly.


Offer an experience they anticipate

The days of pulling teeth to obtain documents completed and signed are a distant memory when you make it possible for students, parents, and faculty to complete documents online from any kind of device painlessly. Auto-reminders will undoubtedly help remind recipients of incomplete documents so that you don’t have to.


Secure documents & records, keep important information safe

MSB Docs also follows GxP guidelines and regulations, and is HIPAA & FIPS 140-2 compliant. We understand the relevance of your documents being readily available for you. Your data is accessible to just you and users accredited by you. A tamper-proof seal secures all MSB documents.

Get powerful productivity for the education industry

With MSB Docs’ capabilities in guiding your document digitalization, the education industry can utilise structured processes and streamline document process management.


Get rid of paper-based processes with MSB Docs’ eSignature platform

Enjoy an upsurge in performance by 30-50%. By simplifying your processes, you can minimize time lost on everyday admin and invest your energy in other tasks.

Use Cases

Schools and universities use eSignatures in a range of conditions such as:

  • Student loan documents
  • Course enrolments
  • Financial aid paperwork
  • Permission slips
  • Contracts
  • Progress reports
  • Offer letters
  • Timesheets
  • HR documents
  • Leave applications


eSignatures are currently one of the most appropriate tools for transforming paper-based processes in the education sector. eSignatures can help reduce the need for paper, simplify transactions, and reduce mistakes in forms.

The primary place where you can see a significant share of the paperwork in the education sector is the application process. Student applications largely depend on typical pen-and-paper signatures, which provide substantial trouble for students and staff and ensure disruption of the process flow.

Using an eSignature for the education industry can also guarantee effective monitoring of application forms. By going paperless with the help of eSignature technology, you can send essential student documents and sign them in seconds. If any forms or documents are not signed, the eSignature service can automatically notify parents and students to sign the application.

Additionally, the eSignature service can provide efficient and more accessible document monitoring solutions in real-time to prevent any disruptions in the application process. As a result, educational institutions can acquire far better exposure and speed and simplify the application process.

One of the most remarkable entries amongst the advantages of eSignatures for the education sector is process automation. Different educational institutions intend to begin automating workflows to guarantee trustworthy management processes. eSignature platforms eliminate paper-based transactions, therefore providing a reduction of possible mistakes.

Traditional paper-based processes consist of various expenses, including paper and ink, shipping and postage costs, and printer maintenance costs—most of the costs related to the manual approval processes that eSignature solutions could conveniently eliminate.

Furthermore, you can also find other possible indirect cost savings, such as the time required to fill every document manually, repeated data inputs, and locating the lost records.

Modern eSignature solutions offer support for integrations with different technologies in educational institutions. eSignature for the education industry introduces potential benefits for integrating various solutions in the massive deployment of the features of other departments. The essential services that can integrate successfully with different administrative processes of an educational organization consist of document management systems, enterprise content management, student records management, and sales automation.

Furthermore, you can also find other possible indirect cost savings, such as the time required to fill every document manually, repeated data inputs, and locating the lost records.

Students, parents, and teachers sign up with the digital transformation by taking advantage of their smartphones. They can use electronic devices for various crucial tasks associated with education, such as applications, payments, and enrollments. Management employees in educational institutions can additionally get productivity with mobile enablement.

The facility of mobile applications by effective eSignature solutions allows easier implementation of important processes in the education industry. Students can interact flexibly with the administration of an educational institution.

The requirement for an eSignature for the education sector is relatively apparent for enhancing the reputation of an educational organization. Adopting eSignature solutions provides legitimate benefits for establishing an organization as a frontrunner in digital transformation.

Because of this, educational institutions can connect values that align with the interests of students and parents. Keeping a digital system for operations also develops its environmental responsibility, thus reinforcing the relevance of eSignatures.