Digitize Clinical Trial Processes with MSB DocsCRA Application

Challenges in ConductingClinical Trials

Traditional clinical trial documentation processes pose challenges which not only hinder the successful conduct of research, but also significantly delay CRA’s from developing informational and supporting products for patients . Such challenges include manual data acquisition, delayed clinical trial timelines, expensive recruitment, and participation of CRAs.


How is MSB Docs’ CRA App a One-Stop Solution?

MSB Docs’ CRA application enables CRAs to harness the power and efficiency of digitization and the myriad of benefits of technology. MSB’s CRA app converts your mobile device into a highly customizable and portable scanner within a few simple steps:


Install the CRA application from a secure enterprise-level portal.


Select your desired workflow by choosing your Company Name and site ID.


Scan your documents and make any desired adjustments to the images.


Add optional metadata information like Site Number, Level, and Type of Document.


Add additional optional comments, if needed


Click the Submit button

*Documents prepared using MSB’s CRA application will be submitted and stored on MSB’s cloud server (as per your Company’s MSB Document Retention Policy) as well your eTMF.

Benefits of Digitizing Clinical Trial Process with CRAApplication


Digital transformation using MSB’s CRA app saves a significant amount of on-site time


Data is completely encrypted and secure and is protected from access by external users.


No more frustration with using large document scanners


Eliminates the headache and risk of getting documents routed to the right repository.


Easy configuration options for metadata are available.

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