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Why you should choose MSB Docs?

MSB Docs gives you customizable smart document solutions, on-premises deployment and enhanced collaboration with 24*7 call support.

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Comparison: MSB Docs and DocuSign

Given below is a quick run-through of the key differentiators between DocuSign and MSB Docs

Features MSB Docs DocuSign
Legally binding
On-premises deployment
Customize Solution
Advanced threat protection
Workflow templates
Instant 24*7 call support

1000+ Enterprise Businesses use MSB Docs to improve their efficiency and productivity


How MSB Docs can help you and your business?

You have a lot to gain when you switch from DocuSign to MSB Docs. Get started with MSB Docs to have a trusted, leading smart document solution with the following added benefits:


Document Transformation

Advance document routing and custom workflow design solutions let your business run better, faster, and easier with complete automation. This will enable a faster document turnaround time and streamline your business processes for much efficiency

Powerful Integrations

Most prebuilt integrations for enterprise applications including Salesforce, SharePoint, Box, Outlook, Word creates a consistent and uniform experience while signing and sending documents out for signature, and take time-critical actions from the applications that are already in use.


On-Premises Deployment

MSB Docs is a highly tailored solution. When it comes to deployment, you have a choice to deploy this robust, full-featured, and award-winning custom solution in the cloud or on-premises.

High Security Features

A complete data encryption is ensured with each document transaction as MSB Docs has AES 256-bit encryption and world-class security backed by SOC II Type 2 certification in place. You will also be benefitted with audit trails, tamper-proofing and other security features to remain in compliance with stringent US, EU and global security standards.


TeamRoom – A Team-Based Feature

Conduct seamless planning, tracking, and collaboration in a central, consolidated view with MSB Docs TeamRoom. This team-based feature comes in great use when signers need to negotiate on changes within the documents. This will empower your team to grow and help others too.

Exceptional Form-Filling Experience

Webforms – an amazing new feature by MSB Docs will bring an ease of generating on-demand forms for you. It will not only let you create faster, user-friendly, and more productive web forms. It will also allow you seamlessly transform them into usable, widely accepted PDF formats too. Stringent US, EU, and global security standards.


Increase productivity and efficiency in documentworkflow by 40% with MSB Docs

Faster Turnaround

40% Faster Turnaround on sales contracts

100% Legally binding

100% Legally binding on all the Forms & Documents

document Audit Efficiency

Achieve more than 80% on document Audit Efficiency